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What to Pack for Hawaii

What to Pack for Hawaii

Knowing what to pack for Hawaii can vary depending on what you want to do. Are you going on an adventure or planning a relaxing vacation? Is it to enjoy a family vacation or live it up at a party? Maybe it’s all of the above? Regardless of what your plans may be, knowing what to pack will help you to get the most out of your experience.

We also are providing a few examples of things to see, do, and eat to help with a few fun ideas. Nothing beats local advice and we have provided a few of our favorites. The last thing you want to be doing is getting stuck in shopping lines when you can be relaxing on an empty beach. This guide will help you to plan for your next exotic adventure.

what to pack for adventure

What to Pack for Adventure

If you are the adventurous type and want to see all that Hawaii has to offer you will want to pack accordingly. Having a wide assortment of items that can take you from hiking up to the top of the Koolau mountain range to kayaking down to the mokes will help you to be prepared for all that Hawaii has to offer. T-shirts and tank tops are always good options for Hawaii as the weather is always warm. Other accessories like towels, pareos, and hats are a must to give you some protection from the sun and can be used in multiple situations. Here are a few outfit ideas and suggestions on what you should pack for your next Hawaii adventure.

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Things to do on vacation

Lanikai Pillbox
Lanikai Pillbox

For a breathtaking view try the Lanikai pillbox hike. It is a short 75-minute hike round trip but if you just want to get to the first pillbox it will only take about 25 minutes. The pay-off at the end is a spectacular view of the beach and the horizon. The hike can be a little dangerous so make sure to wear good shoes and bring water. It is usually not too crowded but get there early for best results.

Lanikai Juice
Lanikai Juice

Acai bowls may not have been created in Hawaii but they were definitely perfected here. Made from an acai fruit base, topped with sliced fruit, and served with granola and honey, it makes a refreshing snack after a long hike or day at the beach. You can find them at many places around the islands but we recommend Lanikai Juice. They have a few different variations to suit your taste but try the works if you don’t know what to get. Definitely a must try when in Hawaii.

Packing for your Hawaii Adventure

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