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Aloha Hawaiian Shirts Brands

Hawaiian Shirts Brands List

We have an assortment of prominent Hawaiian Shirts Brands to look through on this page.
Find your favorite Hawaiian Shirts Brands here!

Hawaiian clothing company established in 1973.
They have continued to create exceptional men's, women's, and children's garments for Hawaii and the Mainland The quality of their clothing is top-notch and comfortable, and is also easy to maintain. Their original fabrics used in tropical designs are full of variations: in color, print, size, and is popular nationwide.

Prominent in their collection of clothing that implement an exquisite combination of traditional Hawaiian-style print and modern/contemporary design. Popularly known for their vibrant and stylish tropical designs, that are cool and comfortable, at a convenient price.

Reyn Spooner Hawaiian shirts celebrate the past in authentic patterns that recall the nostalgic heyday of Hawaii's most famous product. These retro aloha shirts are for today's connoisseur or collector who wants to wear a unique piece of apparel art from the Hawaiian Islands.

Avanti Hawaiian shirts celebrate the past in authentic patterns that recall the nostalgic heyday of Hawaii's most famous product.These retro Hawaiian Shirts are for today's connoisseur or collector who wants to wear a unique piece of apparel art from the Hawaiian Islands.

“Pineapple Juice” brand, created in 1985 specializes in reproduction of vintage Hawaiian aloha shirts that are MADE IN HAWAII using 100% rayon fabric. The reproductions represent Hawaii’s golden years, 1940’s-1950’s.

Pro Surfer Dave Rochlen couldn't find the right shorts to surf in. he asked his wife to hem some at the knee and sew up the fly and Jams were born. COLOR, FREEDOM, DIFFERENCE & LOVE. Today, Dave Rochlen's son continues to carry on his father's legacy creating Great Clothes for Real People, and as always, Made in Hawaii since 1964.

The Hinano clothing brand was founded in Tahiti and exemplifies a deep love for the Polynesian island life style. Hinano's beautiful Vahine logo, which displays the traditional pareo and tiare flower in her hair is renowned around the world.

Te Aito, an off-shoot of Hinano, is a fresh brand born in the heart of French Polynesia. The word “ Aito or Iron Wood” is known for its extreme strength and used for ancient war tools and weapons. Also, synonymous with “Hero” and in contemporary terms someone who excels in Sports. Today Te Aito is a new mens apparel collection inspired by the history of the Polynesian triangle and rich culture. Te Aito - Bring out the warrior within you.

‘IOLANI is the longest-running fashion brand of Hawaii that is still in business, and strong.
‘IOLANI, meaning “Bird of the Heavens,” was established by 1st generation Japanese immigrants, Keiji Kawakami & wife Edith Kawakami, in 1953, and has been passed down to members of their 2nd and 3rd generation families, embracing and perpetuating their tradition since the beginning. Now the Island Style is modernized and elegant, and is prominent in the population of Hawaii-lovers worldwide as the high-fashion brand of Hawaii.
Also, the owner, Lloyd Kawakami, and his two sons formed a Hawaiian Band “Manoa D.N.A.,” which is big on the islands, and have been touring Japan in recent years.

Founded in 1963, Hilo Hattie has grown from one store into a chain of four stores. From their humble beginnings on the island of Kauai and the International Marketplace in Waikiki, Hilo Hattie has become synonymous with vacation shopping. Voted by Hawaii's residents as "The Best Place for Hawaiian Fashions" for the past 10 years. Hilo Hattie guarantees the best values, largest selection of Made-in-Hawaii gifts and a 100% quality guarantee on thousands of Hawaiian products.

Bamboo Cay was born in 1998, designed for comfortable living in your paradise. They are importers of fine and better resortwear. Their original copyright designs, combined with carefully selected high end fabrications, can be found in fine men’s resortwear stores from Hawaii to Caribbean islands. When you pick up a Bamboo Cay shirt or short, the island will become quite dynamic.

"Kai" is a design brand that centers its theme on the ocean.
The earth has the five major oceans and hundreds of others, but they are all connected.
"We want the people of the world to all be connected;" that is their philosophy.
There are matching Hawaiian Shirts and Dresses, which makes this brand perfect for weddings.

KY'S International Fashion one of the largest Hawaiian apparel manufacturers. All of KY'S clothing are 100% made in Hawaii.

Molokai Surf is a surfwear company based in Los Angeles that manufactures surfwear apparel.
Molokai Surf is now sold globally in big name stores and small businesses worldwide.

Go Barefoot has been designing and producing the finest quality Hawaiian shirts for over 60years.
The roots of "Go Barefoot" manufacturing are founded on true love and affection, a story going back the early fifties.
To today, these garments reflect the beauty and aloha that is found in only one place on our planet -The islands of Hawaii.

Paradise-style aloha shirt brand, worn in the past by famous actors in films shot here on the islands. Tropical, open-button, rayon is the standard style for this brand. Recommended for use in stage performances, basking at beach resorts, and even wedding ceremonies.

"Waimea Casuals" is a second line of "Paradice Found".Limited Edition prints available in 100% cotton.

World's most antique aloha shirt brand in business for over 70 years. Admirable vintage Hawaiian Shirts, famous for their elegant retro prints, will definitely catch the eyes of collectors. A veteran brand that keeps to their original roots of rayon and coconut-button Hawaiian Shirts.

Royal Hawaiian Creations' products are commonly seen in major retail departments, hotels, schools and hospitals as suitable uniforms. They have received awards in the past for their astonishing quality in products and service.

A brand expanding aloha shirt designs that are pop and innovative. Their 100% cotton and open-button style, as well as their comfortableness have been well-received by customers. Indulge in the unique designs and reasonable prices of Winnie Fashion's Hawaiian Shirts.

Aloha Outlet Original Brand that symbolizes the icon of Hawaii and Aloha Outlet, "'Anuenue," which means rainbow in the Hawaiian language. 'Anuenue creates Hawaii's trending fashion incorporating new ideas and valued customer input, presenting exceptional and elegant apparel.

A top-ranking company with 30 years of history vending products to major department stores nationwide and in Japan, and providing suitable yet chic uniforms for businesses in Hawaii. With the precise choice in high quality material, cutting, sewing, and detailing, Good Times will be sure to offer that special "One."

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